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eCharge is our web-based data collection system that enables accurate real-time updates for job costing, Work In Process, and payroll systems. Data is validated upon entry for employee and work order information is collected through various types of data collection devices including PCs, and Web browsers.

The same devices can be used for Time and Attendance collection.

eCharge implementation greatly reduces overheads in gathering, processing and postings of labor, eliminates unaccounted attendance, and reduces discrepancies to a minimum.


Actual job costing which can be compared with planned costs

Machine and operator utilization analysis

Real-time overview of the entire shop


eCharge utilizes our rules and knowledge based repository of information to encapsulate sophisticated business rules such as payroll computations. This allows for flexible definitions of work schedules including compressed weeks, graveyard shifts, and pro-ration of labor for a single operator working on multiple concurrent jobs. The accumulated labor is normalized and allocated to each overlapping job.




Internet backbone allows for multiple locations globally

View discrepancies between attendance and labor

Accommodates user and location specific business rules within the same shop

Tracks work in process

Highly graphical interface

Allows for automatic deducts of lunch and breaks

Simple and ergonomic customizable user interface

Reduce labor reconciliation to a minimum

Collected data is date and time stamped

Work in process and cost accumulation is updated real-time

Records statistical and control limit measurements

Tracks scrap and rejects

Visual monitoring and tracking of the entire shop

View daily or weekly attendance, late arrivals, early departures, absentees, etc.




Reconcile employees’ time sheet, make corrections and approve the hours if desired

Web documentation & training

Implementation & consulting

Seamless integration with ERP or Legacy systems

Technical maintenance & support services

Graphic charts display real-time shop status

Resource monitoring & tracking

Job, order, customer and parts tracking

Delivery performance analysis

Overall plant performance analysis

Real-time data collection

Web-based Ad-hoc reporting

User defined transaction

Actual cost and lead-time analysis

Queue and elapsed time calculations

Adjustment parameters

Overtime balancing by department, shift, and employee


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