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After implementing a system such as eShop, the collected information becomes an invaluable asset that needs to be managed and shared in the organization. To benefit from this information several groups within the same organization need to view it from their own perspective. Therefore, the original data needs to be analyzed and stored in formats that enhance retrieval of relevant information.

The data collected by eShop is very helpful in determining the actual cost of producing the parts. This is accomplished by processing transacted information and organizing it in a multi-dimensional database for efficient access. The same value gets stored using many different indexing schemes and helps in the calculation of cycle time and queue time. The information is then used to determine the capacity utilization for the entire plant as well as identify bottlenecks in the process. This information is also used in determining various metrics in order to gauge the performance of the shop floor as well as forecast delivery schedules. It has been our experience that most organizations have individuals spending countless hours creating such metrics when this could very easily be achieved using the eShop Knowledge Warehouse.

The proposed eShop Knowledge Warehouse will support XML as the standard for delivery of information and will deliver on the promise "information at your fingertips". It will also support a natural interface for defining queries that use the English language. XML enables the repository to interface with external systems that need this knowledge.

  • Actual cost for producing a part

  • Efficient access to databases

  • Information at your fingertips

  • Plant utilization vs. capacity

  • Identify bottlenecks in the process

  • Evaluate shop performance

  • Calculate cycle time and queue time

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