Web-based OLAP     


With Web-based OLAP we provide executives, analysts, and managers with valuable information via a " slice, dice and rotate" method of end user data access, augmenting or replacing the more complicated relational query. This slice and dice method gives your management consistently fast access to a wide variety of views of data organized by key selection criteria that match the real dimensions of your enterprise. OLAP performs multidimensional analysis of enterprise data including complex calculations, trend analysis and modeling. Derived from end-user requirements, OLAP enables end-users to perform ad-hoc analysis of data in multiple dimensions, thereby giving them the insight and understanding they need for better decision making.

Nexten utilizes OLAP server technology for high performance analytical use of large databases. Its added intelligence about the structure and organization of the data, as compared with flat, detailed relational tables, makes our utilization of OLAP technology more responsive to end user requests while also eliminating SQL-style queries. Nexten physically stages the processed multi-dimensional information thus allowing delivery of consistent and rapid response times to end users and populate the requested data structures in real-time from relational and other databases.


  • Multidimensional views of data

  • Calculation-intensive capabilities

  • Time intelligence

  • Increase the productivity of business managers, developers, and whole organizations

  • Business users of OLAP applications can become more self-sufficient

  • Managers are no longer dependent on IT to make schema changes

  • Enables managers to model problems that would be impossible using less flexible systems

  • More control and timely access to strategic information equal more effective decision-making

  • Reduces the query drag and network traffic on transaction systems or the Data Warehouse

  • Enables the organization as a whole to respond more quickly to market demands. Market responsiveness, in turn, often yields improved revenue and profitability

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